April 14, 16, 21, 23, 28

From 8 am to 12 noon Pacific Time

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  • Length

    4 Weeks

  • Effort

    20 Hours

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    Live Instructor Led

Who Would Benefit from Attending This Course?

Team Leaders Managers, Lean Team members, Executive management, Senior management, Mid-level management, Operations and Admin managers. Anybody in a decision-making capacity that leads or influence organizations.

Instructor Led Online Practical Problem Solving A3

Master Course Series

Problem Solving is the foundation of the Lean Thinking. Continually improving requires continually solving problems - whether these are technical or recurring day-to-day problems. As a Lean tool, A3 reporting addresses the root causes of problems that arise every day at work. When used properly, the PDCA-A3 process dramatically increases the probability of success. Leading companies, such as Toyota, use the PDCA-A3 report to train their employees in a proven and structured problem-solving approach. This 5 session, four 4-hour per session Instructor-led online course introduces participants to problem-solving frameworks, tools and techniques, and explores their practical application in a work environment. 

The training is design to:

Provide participants with the understanding and the means for applying the A3 process to drive work place improvements. Participants will develop problem-solving skills to reinforce the application of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology through practical application. 

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Learn to identify, classify and define problems
  • Be able to analyze and prioritize problems, symptoms and root causes
  • Match the right problem-solving process to the problem
  • Use a variety of proven problem-solving models, tools and techniques
  • “Frame” a problem to gain support and buy in from others in the organization.
  • Understand how the A3 process works (PDCA).
  • Create an A3 problem report format to “tell the story” of the problem and to guide and structure the problem solving activity.
  • Use root cause analysis tools
  • Develop countermeasures
  • Develop implementation plans     

Course Outline/Components

  1. Lean Overview
  2. Introduction  To PDCA and A3 Reports
  3. PDCA – 8 Steps To Problem Solving And A3 Reporting
    • Problem Statement
    • Casus and Effect Analysis
    • Roost Causes and Countermeasures
    • Action Plan
    • Results and Follow-up
    • Standardize & Train
    • Recognize/Share Achievement

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