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    3 Weeks

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    Live Instructor Led

Who Would Benefit From Attending This Course?

The course is designed for executive managers, senior innovation managers, heads of R&D, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, and people who want to build an effective innovative process in their organizations.

Lead With Innovation

Master Course Series

This LIVE online course offers the roadmap for effective management of the innovation process for organizations that want to have successful implementation and launch of new products and services. Participants will discover how to best implement the five key stages of the innovation process: 1. Ideas generation 2. Idea selection 3. Design 4. Validation 5. Launch and commercialization Participants will also have hands-on training for the development of each stage of the innovation process.

 The course is designed to:

Equip participants with the tools to develop and implement an effective innovation process that best meets the needs of your organization, define metrics and establish a process for continuous improvement.

Course Outline/Components

1. Innovation Performance Factors

  • Theoretical innovation framework
  • Hands on exercise: Assessment of existing organizational capabilities


2. Generation and Search for Ideas

  • Idea generation in action
  • Hands on exercise: Design Thinking - Problem solving through Empathy


3. Idea Screening and Selection

  • New ideas selection process
  • Hands on exercise: Creation of a business case structure and a decision-making scorecard


4. Design and Experimentation

  • Design of systems
  • Hands on exercise: Design of the operations or production processes


5. Testing and Validation

  • Field testing, validation, and refinement
  • Hands on exercise: Prototype validation documentation (checklist) and quality
  • Assessment


6. Launch And Commercialization

  • Production and distribution
  • Hands on exercise: Evaluation of the commercialization stage


7. KPI And Continuous Improvement

  • Continuous process improvement
  • Hands on exercise: Development of the innovation process metrics 



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