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    2 Weeks

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    9 Hours

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    Live Instructor Led

Who Would Benefit from Attending This Course?

If you are experiencing low morale, increased stress, project failure, or client loss, the problem might be miscommunication. Whether you are currently or preparing to be responsible for communicating the organization’s continuous improvement goals or want to improve your own communication skills, this class is for everyone including Executive Management, Senior Management, Mid-Level Management, Operations & Administration Managers, Process Owners, Lean Practitioners, and Team Members.  

Instructor Led Online Communicate Like A Leader

Master Course Series

Ensuring that the message received is the same message you send is a skill.  Everyone has their own reality and every message we see, hear, and feel is interpreted by that reality.  How can you ensure that the message you send is the message received? 

This course provides you with the knowledge and experience necessary to utilize high impact communication strategies to ensure that your Receiver interprets the message in the same way it is intended.  You will gain hands-on experience to understand how verbal, nonverbal and written communication techniques will ensure clear, concise, and effective messaging while reducing conflict or misunderstandings. You will explore the differences between internal and external communication strategies as well as the challenges associated with face-to-face verses written communication. 

The training is designed to:  

Provide you with a roadmap to: (1) Understand Receivers; (2) Evaluate Verbal, Voice, and Visual cues; (3) Apply Good News, Bad News, and Persuasive strategies; and (4) Customize a High Impact Performance Checksheet.

Upon completion, participants should be able to: 

  • Utilize the 5 Whys to examine causes of miscommunication
    • Customize a High Impact Performance Check sheet 
    • Demonstrate the 3V’s of Effective Communication
    • Follow roadmaps for Good News, Persuasive, and Bad News messaging
    • Incorporate Listening and Conflict Resolution techniques


Course Outline/Components

  • DAY ONE:
    • Session 1:   The Business Impact of Miscommunication
    • Session  2:    Receiver First
  • DAY TWO:
    • Session 1:   Verbal:  The Words We Use
    • Session 2:   Voice:   The Sounds We Use
    • Session 3:   Visual:  The Actions We Use
    • Session 1:   Delivery:  Good News, Bad News, Persuasive
    • Session 2:   Listening for Clarity
    • Session 3:   Conflict Resolution
    • Session 4: : Putting it all Together






Barbara Maxey

Barbara has over thirty years’ experience in Training and Development and Project Management TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Butte-Glenn Community College District—Barbara developed and managed a cost-recovery Contract Training and Development Program. She identified target businesses based on labor market data, negotiated contracts based on performance management methodology and Lean/Six Sigma parameters. She identified/hired trainers, evaluated delivery based on Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation, and conducted client satisfaction surveys. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: California Community College Chancellor’s Office—Barbara lead a cross-sectional regional team to create a pilot LEAN project to address the possibility of implementing Lean methodology to the Local, Regional, and State Curriculum Approval Process. California Corporate College—She ensured the development, implementation and delivery of training programs according to the client’s scope of work including: curriculum design, train the trainer, delivery, reporting, and budgets. Clients included: Key Bank--Idaho and Alaska; Sam’s Club--California, Arizona, Texas, Florida; California Department of Corrections—Statewide.

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